Special Interest Group on Creativity and Cultures in Computing
Call for participation in SIG meeting at CHI 2023

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Onsite venue: Room Y09, Congress Center Hamburg (CCH)
Online venue: Zoom
CHI '23 Program

Research on creativity support tools (CSTs) has a long history in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI); however, researchers often focus on developing novel CSTs and verifying them in a controlled lab setting, rather than on capturing the creative process in the wild. In reality, creative activity is exploratory, laborious, and involves multiple CSTs; which together form a creativity support environment or ecology. Creative activity is also social, cultural, and collaborative with people distributing, modifying, and reacting to the creations of others. This process can inspire subsequent iterations. To understand and support open-ended, culturally embedded, collaborative creativity, HCI researchers are seeking new methods to study the sociocultural aspects of creativity support.

This Special Interest Group on Creativity and Cultures in Computing (SIGCCC) invites diverse researchers to provide a forum for CST discussions from a wide sociocultural lens. The participants will identify and discuss the state-of-the-art and conceptualize future directions for creativity support research.


Creativity support, social science, psychology, interaction design


At the meeting, we plan to provide an introduction, then split attendees into smaller groups of 3 to 5 people based on their interests. After time for discussions within the groups, we will ask each group to share their insights with all attendees. Finally, we will conclude by reflecting on the insights gained in this workshop in light of our expertise and conclude with future remarks. During the introduction, we will conduct a short collaborative warmup to create an open and playful atmosphere, which will also serve as an ice-breaking activity. The list of potential discussion topics for smaller, focused groups are:

From Big-C to mini-c: everyday creativity for well-being
End-user development, malleable software, and socio-technical programming environments
Fan community as part of creative process
Culture biases and WEIRDness of creativity support research
Online worlds and social creativity
Human-AI co-creativity and agency

Please feel free to propose discussion topics via the registration form below.

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Special Interest Group (SIG) is a public session held at CHI 2023, and this pre-meeting registration is meant to help the organizers better understand the participants' interests and build sub-groups within the SIG meeting.
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More details

More details on why and how we are organizing this SIG meeting can be found in the author version of the special interest group proposal.