AIST Creative HCI Seminar

At AIST (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology), we strive to develop technologies that help people unleash their creativity, which should be the prominent role of human beings in the age of AI.

This seminar series will invite bright minds in the Human-Computer Interaction field and cover diverse topics which are directly/indirectly connected to creativity support research. The seminar series is supported by the advisory board of senior and prestigious HCI researchers based in Japan.

#6 HCI Research "in the wild"
Jennifer Jacobs, Koya Narumi

Date and time: 13:00-16:30 (Japan Standard Time), Dec. 13th, 2023
Venue: Mejirodai International Village, The University of Tokyo / Zoom Webinar (Hybrid)
[Photo: Jennifer Jacobs][Photo: Koya Narumi]

This edition was held to discuss HCI research "in the wild." It invited two researchers: Jennifer Jacobs and Koya Narumi, who share a research approach of conducting research in close collaboration with practitioners and industry.

#5 Creativity Support Tools for artistic work
Xavier Lambein, Tomoya Matsuura, Baku Hashmoto

Date and time: 17:30-19:30 (Japan Standard Time), Nov. 23rd, 2023
Venue: Zoom Webinar (Japan-based panelists: Tokyo University of the Arts)
[Photo: Xavier Lambein][Photo: Tomoya Matsuura][Photo: Baku Hashmoto]

This edition was held to discuss creativity support tools for artistic work. It invited three researchers/artists: Xavier Lambein, Tomoya Matsuura, and Baku Hashimoto.

#4 Working abroad
Kotaro Hara, Riku Arakawa, Manami Nakagawa

Date and time: 10:30-12:30 (Japan Standard Time), Jun. 23rd, 2023
Venue: Zoom Webinar (Online)
[Photo: Kotaro Hara][Photo: Riku Arakawa][Photo: Manami Nakagawa]

This edition invited Japanese researchers studying and researching abroad and asked them to share their experiences: Kotaro Hara, Riku Arakawa, Manami Nakagawa.

#3 How was your CHI 2023 experience?
Koya Narumi, Hiromu Yakura, Motomura Ami

Date and time: 15:00-17:00 (Japan Standard Time), May 22nd, 2023
Venue: Zoom Webinar (Online)
[Photo: Koya Narumi][Photo: Hiromu Yakura][Photo: Motomura Ami]

This edition was held to collectively understand ACM CHI 2023, the premier and huge conference on Human-Computer Interaction. It invited three bright and young Japan-based researchers: Ami Motomura, Hiromu Yakura, and Koya Narumi.

#2 AI for HCI
Amy Pavel, Xingyu Bruce Liu

Date and time: 10:00-12:00 (Japan Standard Time), Apr. 14th, 2023
Venue: Zoom Webinar (Online)
[Photo: Amy Pavel][Photo: Xingyu Bruce Liu]

This edition was held under the theme of applications of AI technologies for novel interaction techniques. It invited world-class young researchers: Amy Pavel and Xingyu Bruce Liu.

#1 Creativity Support
Jonas Frich, Zhicong Lu

Date and time: 13:00-16:30 (Japan Standard Time), Mar. 7th, 2023
Venue: Fukutake Learning Theater, The University of Tokyo / YouTube Live (Hybrid)
[Photo: Jonas Frich][Photo: Zhicong Lu]

This edition was held under the theme of "Creativity Support." It invited world-class young researchers from abroad: Jonas Frich on the history and prospects of creativity support research in HCI and Zhicong Lu on socio-cultural studies of live-streamers such as VTubers.

This seminar series is co-organized by Japan ACM SIGCHI Chapter.